India Archive Music

Welcome to India Archive Music

A warm welcome to those who know and love Indian Classical Music and to those
new listeners who we hope will discover a new and beautiful world of music
through India Archive Music CDs. IAM was started 30 years ago with the intention of
presenting CDs with great artists presenting great performances, recorded with
state of the art equipment and packaged with extensive liner notes written by
ethnomusicologists, musicians, and even by the recording artists themselves.
IAM wanted to make available to the public a wider variety of artists than was
available at that time – legendary artists, established and popular senior artists,
great musicians virtually unknown outside of India including artists only known
regionally in India, some all but unknown artists who had pursued careers in the
academic or business world, as well the next generation of young artists who were
new to audiences everywhere. We have included extensive liner notes to enable
listeners who want to understand the stylistic backgrounds of the musicians and the
formal structures, performance techniques and raga note structures and usage that
these extraordinary musicians use as a base for their improvised musical offerings.
Here you will find out what every artist has learned, internalized and uses as the
basis for any musical performance, and a detailed and fascinating inner world
unfolds revealing the richness of Indian Classical Music history and theory as well as
enabling a deeper understanding of a performance as it unfolds.
Above all, ENJOY!